Grand Masters Hockey World Cup 2012 – By Allan Sutton


I have spent most of the middle two weeks of August taking part in the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup, which was held at the Oxford Hawks ground in Oxford, England.  Grand Masters hockey covers three age groups; over 60 (Grand Masters), over 65 (Great Grand Masters) and over 70 (Senior Grand Masters).  There were over 40 teams taking part from ten countries including South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, as well as the main European countries.  In addition to the World Championship in each age range there was a Trophy competition for supplementary teams.  England had teams in all the competitions.  


I played for the England LX White team in the over 65 Trophy (photo attached).  There was also an England LX Red team in this group, two Australian teams, a Netherlands team and an Alliance (multinational) team.


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Grand Masters 2012

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