Belper Hockey Treasure Crawl 28th Nov 7pm.

Aim  To have fun, and raise a little bit for the hockey club!!!


  1. To identify and locate each hostelry as identified on the question sheet.
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  3. To solve the ‘riddle’ within each hostelry.

(The riddle can be numerical, fact or related to a visual image within).

Honourable participation code


  1. Teams of no more than Four people. (Non-Club members within a team welcome).
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  3. Entry Fee £2 per person. All funds raised will contribute to prizes and club funds.
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  5. Each hostelry must be visited, with refreshments taken in each establishment.
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  7. “Publishable” photo evidence of a member of the team partaking in refreshments in each hostelry, to be submitted at the conclusion on the Treasure Crawl.
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  9. All Teams will start 7pm.  Assembe upstairs at Arkwright’s on Campbell St.
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  11. All teams return to Arkwright’s by no later than 9.40pm.
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  13. The winning team will be the one that returns to Arkwright’s in the quickest time with the most number of correct answers.

Interested ? contact your Crawl Masters; Toni Nadolski & Peter Gordon

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