Honourable participation code


  1. Teams of any number. (Non-Club members within a team welcome).
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  3. Entry Fee £2 per person. All funds raised will contribute to food, prizes and club funds.
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  5. Each hostelry with have a Quiz Master located within them. They will provide the question sheets and oversee fair play. (If a mobile device is used to answer questions, retribution will be brought upon the team)!!!!
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  7. Before leaving each hostelry the question sheet must be handed to the pubs Quiz Master for marking, otherwise that round, for that team is void.
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  9. Scores will only be revealed at the end of the evening, once all answers have been validated.
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  11. All questions are based on the pubs name; for example the Old Kings Head questions will be about all things KING.
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  13. Assemble at Arkwright’s on Campbell Street by 7pm, to register your team and start.
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  15. All teams to return to Arkwright’s by no later than 9.40pm. Quiz Masters will leave their pubs by 9.30pm.
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  17. The number of members in your team will be deducted from your final score.
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  19. Quiz Masters’ will mark answers in accordance with the supplied mark sheet.

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