P K is PK – everybody knows him as such. His parents probably knew him as Peter Kennerdell.

As a youngster he joined Belper Hockey Club in 1969, and has had continuous membership, as man and boy (or should that be ‘boy and man’), now totalling 50 years.

He remains a keen player in the mens 7th team – and so attended the 7ths annual end-of-season dinner.  It was there that, as a complete surprise, his magnificent service record was acknowledged.

Mens Hockey Club President, Stephen Ford, presented P K with a certificate to honour his membership record, and also his many years as the Club’s treasurer (way back when) – and confirming him a life member of the Club  . . .

. . .  and then there was the bonus.  (Sorry, but you need to understand the background.)

For umpteen years, Sue Ford has baked (obviously homemade) cakes for the ‘home teas’ which the 7ths share with the opposition teams. P K has a passion for fruit cakes – which are not usually on the ‘normal menu’. So occasionally, he is honoured by having a fruit cake made for him.

Now back to the presentation   . . . .  P K’s personal gift, to mark this special milestone, was – of course – a homemade fruit cake, adorned in red and blue (Belper HC colours) ribbons.

To say the least, not only was he surprised, but ‘dead chuffed’.



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