Communication – message to Over 14s and all senior members


Most communication to players and parents, if not direct from coaches and captains will be via email therefore please ensure an email address is provided that is checked regularly, if you are unable to do this please indicate the easiest method of communication to you. We can support the CC of an email to a second address (Child/Parent). It is our preferred option to communicate via email in the first instance, although some captains for the senior teams may prefer text, they will advise accordingly. A Mobile number should be provided to the web site administrator so that last minute information and cancellations can be communicated efficiently and effectively.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind players and parents of players participating in senior hockey the importance of communication in order that the captains understand players availability as soon as possible. Getting senior teams out every weekend to compete in league hockey is a large logistic exercise for the captains and we encourage our senior and youth players to communicate as early as possible their availability throughout the season. 

To this end this web site has features which allow you to notify us in advance of non availability and see information relating to future matches.