Summer Social Mixed Hockey open to everyone (min age 12 yrs).

The weekly mixed friendly matches will start on 27th April 2022, and will continue on Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8.00pm, throughout the summer, until numbers drop off.

Costs: To hire the pitch for one hour costs £48, the lights another £30. We need to cover these costs and maybe make a little profit which goes into the pitch replacement funds and benefits everyone who plays hockey.

Match fee £3 per player (£4 if we have to use the lights) to be paid on the night, cash or card.

These are very sociable evenings and we will meet up in the CLUBHOUSE after the game for a drink and chat.

Communications: Notifications will be sent via our ClubBuzz website email system which is a reliable way of contacting large numbers, especially if needed in a hurry, eg to cancel.

Any questions please email:  Judy & Nigel, or call Nigel on 07712 079730

Social Mixed Hockey  – Conditions of Play

Note: This is hockey played by adults. It is open to 12 year olds and above, who are looking to play in adult teams.

In order to put some structure to the mixed hockey sessions, which, as its name suggests, is social, the following will apply:

1. When playing on half a pitch numbers will be limited to a maximum of seven a side. This may require a number of teams and a series of short games, with teams swapping in and out. This would also provide umpires for the game(s) in progress.

2. No hits on goal, reverse stick hits or aerial or lifted balls. More experienced players should ‘hold back’

3. Promote the use of “pushing” and “slapping”

4. Ensure there is, at the very least, a “player umpire”, and where possible non-playing umpires.

5. A first aid kit should always be available. A number of qualified first aiders regularly attend the sessions.

6. We do not feel there was any need to restrict the age range further (currently 12 -120yrs) as this is “social hockey” designed to promote involvement of all ages at all ability levels.

As with all Belper Hockey, by playing, you assume the risk and are responsible for your actions.