Everyone that is involved in hockey has a duty of care to others within the sport and a legal and moral duty to ensure their safety and welfare.

The Welfare Officer for Mens Hockey and Junior Boys is

Joe Connolly (07803 826330)

The Welfare Officer for Ladies Hockey, Junior Girls and Mini Hockey is

Julie Carter (07773 287939)

The Club Well-being Officer is

Sally Keegan

All volunteers, coaches, team managers, technical delegates and officials are encouraged to work to high standards in line with Belper H.C.’s policies and recognised best practice.


Belper Hockey Club has adopted SAFEGUARD England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy. This policy shows commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people involved hockey.

To learn more about England Hockey’s Safeguarding Young People Policies and Guidelines access the dedicatedSAFEGUARDpage on the England Hockey website:

England Hockey’s Safeguarding Good Practice Guidance document can be found HERE

Respect – England Hockey’s Code of Behaviour outlines the expected levels of behaviour for everyone involved in hockey. A copy of this can be found here.

Respect – Full Document – Interactive

Equality, Diversity & InclusionEngland Hockey strives to ensure that our game is played, watched, delivered, governed and enjoyed by all. Find out more HERE

Belper HC Membership Ts&Cs (as agreed by all members of this website):   Belper Hockey Terms and Conditions 2023-24

If you have U18s in your team, Captains and Managers need to be aware of this Checklist: Captains Checklist Aug 2023

INJURY REPORTING: Any significant injuries at the club they need to be entered into the Accident Book which is located behind the door in the kitchen.


Belper Meadows Community Sports Club (BMCSC) holds insurance covers for its liabilities towards third parties and those within its employ including fully paid up members of its representative sections when acting on behalf of BMCSC e.g. Volunteering.

The Men’s and Ladies Hockey sections have taken out the England Hockey ‘Membership +’ insurance package. As part of the  Membership + you automatically receive the benefit of the Combined Liability insurance for players, members, helpers, volunteers, and employees. You also receive Personal Accident benefits. To understand what this covers, and to see the main terms and conditions that apply, please refer to the Membership +  website. 

Individuals with responsibility for the safety and welfare of others whilst playing or training in a sport (typically coaches, trainers, umpires, referees) are best served by holding their own liability insurance, England Hockey partners Bluefin can assist, otherwise it can be obtained from insurance brokers.

Hockey Player’s Protective Equipment

Hockey as is the case for many sports involves an element of risk i.e. a combination of possible harm and likelihood of that harm occurring. Whilst Belper Hockey will endeavor to promote safety, ultimately players (or their parents/guardians) assume that risk by consenting to be involved in all aspects of hockey. In the same manner all players have a responsibility for looking after their own safety and that of all others on and off the pitch.

1) England Hockey Guidance on Face Masks:

‘EH strongly recommends, in line with the FIH rules of hockey (The Rules of Hockey 4.2), that across all age groups and playing formats Face Masks should be worn. It should be noted that Face Masks can be worn throughout a match if there are medical reasons why that is appropriate.’

Belper Hockey strongly recommends, in line with the FIH rules of hockey, that across all age groups and playing formats, Face Masks should be worn when defending short corners. Face masks may be made available by Belper Hockey, however personal masks selected and maintained by the individual are the recommended option.

2) England Hockey Guidance on Gum Shields & Shin Guards:

‘EH strongly recommends wearing shin, ankle and mouth protection whilst playing hockey. See The Rules of Hockey 4.2. There is lots of evidence to suggest that gum shields prevent a number of injuries.’

Belper Hockey policy is that players should provide their own gumshields and shin guards.

LEFT HAND GLOVE.  Belper Hockey advises all players to wear a suitable and robust left hand glove during matches.

Managers, captains and other officials may elect to apply additional measures according to the format that they are involved in.