You can find some basic FIRST AID advice HERE


EH Hockey Concussion Policy Nov 2018 v2

EH Concussion guidelines for Parents and Coaches Hockey 2019

For more information and guidance about Safe Hockey and concussion, please consult the EHB website

This is a useful document to be aware of : UK Concussion Guidelines for Non-Elite (Grassroots) Sport, April 2023 


In the new clubhouse we have a semi-automatic external defibrillator designed to quickly deliver a defibrillation shock to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. This was kindly gifted by the family of the late John Morris.

The AED is located in a wall cabinet on the outside of the building facing the astro. Follow the instructions on the cabinet.

The device is semi-automatic in that once activated it gives out audio instructions as to how to use the device, including IF and WHEN to administer a therapeutic shock.

Once the device is deployed it gives feedback to the person administering chest compressions as to how effective they are, checks the patient for any heartbeat and only then instructs you to apply a shock if necessary.

If you want to be better informed and learn how you could use the device to improve the chances of life for a person suffering cardiac arrest, then take a few minutes to watch the Youtube video on the link below…

If you are interested in learning more, a second video explains how the device works…