I’ve just got back from playing for the England LX Over 70s team at the above tournament in Kontich, Belgium.  The competition had three age groups; Over 60, Over 65 and Over 70, each with a champions cup competition for the national first teams plus trophy competition for additional teams. England had a first team in each age group and an LX team in the Over 60 and Over 70 groups plus two LX teams in the Over 65 group, i.e. seven teams in all.


England ended as the European Champions at Over 60 and Over 70, but finished with the silver medal in the Over 65s, being beaten by Holland.  Peter Danson, from Buxton, captained the England Over 70 team.


In the trophy competitions the England LX teams won the gold medals at Over 65 and Over 70 . 


The LX Over 70 team, which I played for, had four games of which we won three and drew one.  We scored only four goals but conceded none; a very satisfactory result for a defender!


I attach a photo of the England LX Over 70 team (I’m second from the left on the back row) and myself with my gold medal.


England O70s


Allan Sutton  gold medal


It is not just the hockey that is enjoyable in these tournaments but also the friendship between all the players and the wives that also go along.


If you could add this to the web site it might inspire other mature players to get involved.  With this in mind, there is a new national Over 60 competition starting in November this year for county sides.  Peter Danson is getting a Derbyshire side together and already has the names of five Belper players.


For more information about the Derbyshire O60 team, please contact Allan, [email protected]


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