What are the rule changes for 2019-20…..


England Hockey have confirmed that it supports the implementation of all the rule changes with the exception of one. Therefore the following (major) changes will be implemented at all levels of the sport in England from the start of the 2019/20 season:


  • Removal of Player with Goalkeeper Privileges (PwGKP)
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  • Amendments to Attacking Free Hits within the 23m
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  • Defensive Free Hits awarded within the defensive circle
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  • Amendment to ruling around Attackers entering the circle early at a Penalty Corner

Support is available for players, coaches, umpires and officials in learning these rule implementations through access to material on the Hockey Hub and this will be shared with Leagues & Umpiring Associations to enhance the learning of their members ahead of the new season.



England Hockey has, in recent years, striven to apply a consistent set of rules throughout all levels of the sport, however, the proposed change to 15-minute quarters has caused considerable concern. 

The Board of England Hockey has agreed the following changes:

1. To apply 17.5 minute quarters (without the clock stopping at Penalty Corners) to the elite domestic club game specifically:


  •  All Divisions of the England Hockey Leagues (the Investec Women’s Hockey League and Men’s      England Hockey League);
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  • Tier 1 of the Adult Club Championships.

2.  For season 2019-20, to leave the rest of the club game played as halves, usually of 2×35 minutes (or shorter formats in the junior game as appropriate).

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